Moombahton: A Short Story Of A Genre Born From A Remix

A new wave of sounds named Moombahton is making more and more noise. It seems like it’s  coming from the caribbean island or latin america but this one surprisingly started from Washington DC. Dave Nada is the ecuadorian-american who named the genre and somehow started it with one track.

In 2009, while he was Djing for a public of latin music listeners, Dave slows down a dutch Electro House remix from Afrojack so that the tune fits in the DJ set. The crowd went mad! After some edits in the studio, this track will become “Moombahton”.  This blend, which is more and more influenced by Dubstep, is progressively conquering the playlists of the DJs around the globe.

The name of this new genre reminds us another one: Reggaeton. This was obviously a strong influence on this new music but a lot of elements are missing. Also a few producers were already doing similar music before Dave Nada. Many precursors definitely impacted the genre such as the dutchman Munchi, Diplo from Philadelphia and more distantly many caribbean / central american artists such as Luny Tunes and El General.

For some people Moombahton might just be a sort of sub genre emerging from World Beat or Tropical Bass. Those genres are encompassing new music blending the so-called World Music and new emerging genre such as Electronic Music. But considering its development and features, we can definitely describe it as a new genre. It also became a way to remix tracks like Dubstep already does in a much larger scale especially in the UK. Today’s thriving remix culture partly explains why this genre is getting popular. Even sub-genres have emerged from the phenomene. One of the first is one is Moombahcore, this new music is much darker and incorporate more aggressive sonorities from Breakcore, Dubstep or Hip Hop. On the other hand, Moombahsoul, as its name suggest, is a more soulful and relaxed version of the genre.

Anyway, this high energetic form of electronic music with a relatively slow BPM (around 108-110) has proved to be very efficient on the dancefloor. Today, indie labels like T&A, Man Recordings and Mad Descent are leading the Moombathon movement but we can easily imagine it reaching a much wider audience in a near future.

Here is a short playlist to discover the genre :

Dave Nada – Moombahtoon (Moombahtoon, 2009)


Muchi – Sanungueo


Sazon Booya & David Heartbreak – Rompe El Suelo


Dillon Francis – Masta Blasta VIP


Tittsworth & Alvin Risk “Pendejas


Nadastrom – !ll


The Weeknd – Rolling Stone (David Heartbreak’s Remix) >> Moombahsoul <<


David Heartbreak – King Kong >> Moombahcore <<



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