Avant-Garde French Electronic Music


Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980) is a compilation from the record label Because Music. It features vintage electronic productions from the 70s up to the 80s. Olivier Carrié is the curator who did this selection of  synth-disco and ambient tunes which are now sampled by masters of crate digging such as Madlib.

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1. Patrick Juvet “Le Reve”
2. Didier Marouani “Temps X”
3. Droids “Shanti Dance Part 1 & Part 2”
4. Fraçois de Roubaix “Survol”
5. Space “Magic Fly”
6. Universal Energy “Disco Energy (I)”
7. Pierre Bachelet “Motel Show”
8. Space Art “Love Machine”
9. The Atomic Crocus “Ombilic Contact”
10. Jean Michel Jarre “Blackbird”
11. Bernard Fevre “That Is To Be”
12. Cerrone “Generique (Debut)”
13. Frederic Mercier “Spirit”
14. Quartz “Chaos”
15. Rene Roussel “Caramel”
16. Serge Gainsbourg “Le Physique Et Le Figure”
17. DVWB “Acqua”



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