Acid & Deep House Compilation by Terry Farley


In late July, the record label Harmless will release “Acid Rain: Definitive Original Acid & Deep House 1985-1991″

Terry Farley, who curated this huge 5 CDs compilation, played an important role in the British Acid House mouvement in the late 80s. Read his interview on DJ History for more info on him.


CD 1: The Birth Of Deep House
01. Jungle Wonz – Bird In A Guilded Cage (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
02. Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle – Bad Boy (Unreleased 12-inch Mix)
03. Virgo Four – Take Me Higher (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
04. William S – I’ll Never Let You Go (Original Instrumental 12-inch Club Mix)
05. M.E. – School Hall (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
06. Libra Libra – I Like It (Original 12-inch Dub Mix)
07. Pleasure Zone – Fantasy (Original 12-inch Club Mix
08. Charles B – Lack Of Love (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
09. DJ Pierre – Box Energy (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
10. Candy J – Desirable Revenge (Original Jack ‘Em Off Club Mix)
11. Pierre’s Fantasy Club – Dream Girl (Original Ralphi Rosario Club Mix)
12. Ace And The Sandman – Let Your Body Talk (Original 12-inch Club Mix)

CD2: In The Dark We Live
01. Virgo Four – R U Hot Enough (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
02. Mr And Mrs Dale – It’s You (Original 12-inch Free Club Mix)
03. Jungle Wonz – The Jungle (Edit) (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
04. Frankie Knuckles – Baby Wants To Ride (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
05. Mario Diaz feat. Mr Lee – Can You Feel It (Jackin Up The Dub 12-inch Mix)
06. Mickey Oliver – In-Ten-Si-T (Acca-Bass-Si-T 12-inch Remix)
07. Liddell Townsell – As Acid Turns (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
08. Dr Derelict – That Shit’s Wild (Original Album Version
09. Cool McCool – World Turns Round (Original Album Version)
10. Gene Hunt – Living In A Land (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
11. Phuture – Your Only Friend (Cocaine) (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
12. Master C & J – Face It (Original 12-inch Dub Mix)
13. Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Got The Bug (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
14. Mr Fingers – Washing Machine (Original 12-inch Club Mix)

CD3: Children Of The Night
01. Mike Dunn – Magic Feet (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
02. Bam Bam – Another World Original Album Vesion)
03. Fingers – Ecstasy (Original Album Version)
04. Farley Jackmaster Funk – I Need A Friend (Original Album Version)
05. Ralphi Rosario – In The Night (Original Kenny’s Night Club)
06. Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks – Shout (Original Album Version)
07. Sleezy D – I’ve Lost Control (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
08. Lidell Townsell – I’ll Make You Dance (Original Album Version)
09. Mr Lee – I Can’t Forget (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
10. Phortune – String Free (Original 12-inch Club Leray Mix)
11. Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
12. Phuture – Slam (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
13. Victor Romeo – Acid Rain (Original 12-inch Rain Dance UK Club Mix)

CD4: No Way Back
01. Armando – Don’t Take It (2007 Thomos 12-inch Re-Edit)
02. Bam Bam – Make U Scream (Original 12-inch Deep House Club Mix)
03. Neil Howard – To Be Or Not To Be (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
04. Marcus Mixx – Without Make Up (Original Ron Hardy 12-inch Club Mix)
05. Model 500 – The Chase (Original Mayday 12-inch Club Mix)
06. Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks – Cool & Dry (Original Album Version)
07. Liddell Townsell – Get The Hole (Original Album Version)
08. K. Alexi Shelby – K’s Vertigo (K. Alexi’s Vertigo Re-Edit)
09. Neil Howard – The Gathering (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
10. Marcus Mixx – Psychousic (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
11. Fade II Black – The Calling (Original 12-inch Reprise)

CD5: Work The Box
01. Mr Fingers – Distant Planet (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
02. Marcus Mixx – The Spell (Original Ron Hardy 12-inch Club Mix)
03. Ron Hardy – Sensation (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
04. Jack Frost – Clap Me (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
05. Santos – Work The Box (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
06. Laurent X – Machines (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
07. Phuture – We Are Phuture (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
08. Laurent X – Drowning In A Sea Of House (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
09. Phuture – Acid Trax (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
10. Jungle Wonz – Time Marches On (Original 12-inch Club Mix)
11. Mr Fungers – Can You Feel It (Original 12-inch Club Mix)



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